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Workshops for General Practitioners. Role of GPs in Oral cancer screening and De - addiction.

August 07, 2012

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Muktaa Charitable Foundation is now interested to work in the field of cancer and that to specifically oral cancer. The reasons are obvious. India is the capital of oral cancer and it is preventable if we can work on tobacco and alcohol De-addiction. And we feel the role of general practitioners in oral cancer screening and De-addiction can be paramount. We envisage taking workshops for general practitioner in Pune and aspire to reach at-least 500 doctors in a year. We have a group of doctors who would do all the leg work of contacting the general practitioners and making the arrangements for the workshop.

We have already contacted Tata Memorial Hospital for conducting these lectures and they have extended a whole hearted support.

We need funds to conduct these lectures. The expenditure includes cost of venue, audio-visuals, snacks and tea, reading material and gift to the resource persons. In this regards we need your support. Each certificate course for 60 to 80 doctors will cost anywhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000. For training 500 doctors over the year we would need around Rs 1, 75,000

Looking forward for support in this regards

Dr Madhu Oswal


Search by Tags:  Charity

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